CV in English of prof. em. Dr. Geldolph Adriaan Kohnstamm

I am a professor emeritus in developmental psychology at Leiden University, The Neth.
I am married to Rita Kohnstamm, a child-psychologist and journalist, and author of many articles and books in Dutch and German.
We have two children and seven grandchildren.
I was born in Amsterdam, feb. 20, 1937. Rita was born in The Hague, nov. 22, 1937.

My major academic publications in English or German are:

  • 1989 G. A. Kohnstamm, J. E .Bates & Mary. K. Rothbart (Eds.) Temperament in Childhood. Wiley

  • 1994 C.F. Halverson, G. A. Kohnstamm, & R.P. Martin, R. P. (Eds.) The Developing Structure of Temperament from Infancy to Adulthood. Hillsdale, N J: Lawrence Erlbaum Since 2017:Taylor & Fracis Group, Boca Raton , FL. USA

  • 1996 G. A. Kohnstamm, Ch. F. Halverson, V. Havill & I. Mervielde "Parents' Free Descriptions of Child Characteristic in: A Cross-Cultural Search for the Developmental Antecedents of the Big Five" in: Sara Harkness and Charles M. Super: Parents' Cultural Belief Systems. New York: Guilford Press New York London

  • 2001 Theodore D. Wachs and Geldolph A. Kohnstamm (Eds.) Temperament in Context.
    LArence Erlbaum Ass. Publishers UK Since 2017: Taylor& Francis Group, Boca

  • 2004 Dolph Kohnstamm Und plötzlich wurde mir klar: Ich bin Ich; Die Entdeckung des Selbst.
    Hans Huber Verlag, Bern. Since 1995: Hogrefe Verlag, Germany
    A Japanese translationof this book was published in 2014 in Tokyo, by KANEKO DHOBO CO.LTD

  • 2014 Geldolph A. Kohnstamm Jean Piaget: Children and the Inclusion Problem: revised edition Transaction Publishers Brunswick
    Since 2017: Taylor& Francis Group, Boca Raton FL.USA
  • 1998 Book: Parental Descriptions of Child Personality; Developmental Antecedents of the Big Five - Routledge
  • 2020 Book: Chinese translation of Ik ben Ik; de ontdekking van het zelf - translation by Prof. Zhang Eugene Oriental Press Peking/Hong Kong
  • 2021 Book: Jean Piaget Children and the Class-inclusion Problem, Revised edition - Routledge
  • 2021 Book: First Moments of Self-awareness in Childhood; A Phemomenological approach - Routledge

N.B. All of the edited volumes contain chapters I authored or coauthored


Dolph Kohnstamm
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